Out of the Abyss

Latest events

After defeating the merrow, we boated forward, but found a gigantic waterfall.
Haggin used the immovable rod to stop us from falling over and we climbed onto the silken path where we met YukYuk and SpiderBait who we paid with magical gold to guide us safely across the giant spider webs.
They didn’t do a very good job because we ran into a huge swarm of spiders which RyuKira and Juma torched.

Underdark and Under Water
What gets Eldeth wet ;)

This is the second part of tonight’s adventuring. Which was completely under dark and completely on or in the water.

In the first half of the evening we escaped Demogorgon and leveled up. Now we’re taking turns long resting and navigating and foraging on our two keel boats to make our way to GrackleStugh. What’s in GrackleStugh you ask? I don’t know but it can’t be Demogorgon, can it? Then I’ll go there. Also, there’s no clear sign that the drow either went into Sloobidup or are following us on the water. If they are, I hope it’s going worse for them.

As we drift along, Haggin uses his ability to talk to fish to convince them that he’s got food for them. Sadly for the fish, he lied. They’re food for us. As the school of fish come to the surface, Haggin scoops them into a net to become dinner.

For three days our group floated. Sometimes the Darklake was wide, sometimes narrow. Most of the time it was cavernous, but for almost and entire day the party’s boats were barely able to drift more than side by side. Nearing the end of the third day, the travellers came to a crevasse in a barren cliff and saw no other way to proceed than through.

After tying the boats together back to front to prevent separation, the party went in. As the water flow increased, there began to be warning signs on the possible risks in this murder chute. There were gouges hewn into the rough rock ceiling which was barely out of reach. Soon after that, blood smears were illuminated by the glowing crossbow bolts that lined the front boats sides.

Despite these warning signs, the entire party was taken by surprise when three merrow rose from the water behind the second boat and launched a sneak attack. They nearly pulled Haggin overboard and tried but failed to knock characters out of the boat. Two of the merrow submerged after their attacks, but Eldreth had a clear shot at the one still out of water and so delivered a strong crossbow attack. Unfortunately for Eldreth, her ranged attack drew the ire of the merrow who knocked her out in a single harpoon attack and then yanked the harpoon, and her incapacitated body into the water to her inevitable doom. Another merrow resurfaced between the two boats and after being dealt and advisory blow severed one of the two ropes joining the boats.

Most of the party members having no visible targets just readied themselves to attack different positions primarily between the boats. Juma however may have felt a debt to Eldreth for not allowing him to drown earlier and courageously dove into the water without coming up for so much as a single breath until he had her head buoyed up out of the water.
Tragically, this pulled the merrow who had remained above water away from the boat and back to the loyal wizard who he dealt a harsh hit too. Luckily his grapple attempt failed and Juma was able to keep himself and Eldreth afloat. When RyuKira saw this he called upon his draconic legacy to levitate the merrow out of the water where it would be unable to either advance with the current or engage with Juma.

Previously, Haggin had dipped his hand into the water and summoned four reef sharks, who when hunting together developed quite the taste for merrow. The rushing waters quickly became bloodied after their first attack and then Haggin himself jumped into the water and turned into an octopus to help finish off the shark food merrow.

At roughly this time a merrow rose from the water attempting to sever the last rope, not knowing that Sarith had jumped to the lead boat and tied another rope. As the merrow attempted to hack at the rope, he realized he’d surfaced into a murder hole as he saw Calidan, Jim Jar, and Sarith waiting to end him. Which they did, quite fiercely.

Having dispatched the immediate threat and seeing an opportunity for eldreth due to the airborne merrow, Calidan casts aid on three injured party members, including Eldreth so she is instantly revived and able to navigate on her own into the boat. As Haggin is reentering the boat, his shark friends rend all but the cartilage from the remaining merrow’s tail. Realizing that the boat is taking RyuKira out of range to keep the merrow suspended and at their mercy, Juma deals the killing blow rather than returning to the boat thus ending combat.

Escaping Slooblidup

This post will only cover the first hour or so of playtime, which is basically the last 5 minutes of magician madness from last week.

This week was another week in hell. I mean the under-dark. But it had some upsides too it.
We picked up where we left off last week. RyuKira and Juma are both still suffering from the madness instilled by Demogorgon and the rest of the party is working to GTFO.

RyuKira’s madness was only to kill everyone, which since there are so many Croatoan he’s been able to manifest in the friendly form of only killing them instead of attacking his party.

Juma however thinks that someone is trying to kill him and he must kill them first. This played out very poorly when the Palidan Calidan ran to his aid, which looked like an oncoming attack. So the wizard unloaded on the Palidan who then tried and failed to grapple which resulted in another chunk of the Dragonborn being hacked off. Having suffered the wrath of Juma, Calidan exacts a possibly out of alignment withdrawll.
At the same time, Haggin and most of the NPCs are exacting their own “Strategic withdrawl” this left the two maddened characters several rounds to immolate the locals.

Finally, as the crowds of Croatoan were beginning to thin Content Not Found: jimjar and Eldreth devise a plan to knock out Juma while Derendil manhandles RyuKira to one of the boats. While the wizard is quickly subdued for his own good, the sorcerer seems to have picked up some strength as he outpowers the quaggoth prince on many saving throws until Kalidan returns after healing up to give aid. With RyuKira literally trussed up and Juma out cold the party flees onto the water.

Before they are far from land Demogorgon has finished leveling the altars of the city and turns his attention to the fleeing group. In an act of rage he lashes out his tentacles attempting to capsize the small craft. Fortunately, as Juma was about to fall out, Eldreth was able to pin him in to prevent his unconscious form from drowning. Unfortunately, three other party members are thrown out of the boats where Kalidan quickly thinks to toss them a net to try to hold onto. While riding the wave a pack of [Demon Ray]s quickly begins devouring them dealing heavy injury to the members until they safely return to the boat.

Finally the group sees a moment’s rest from 115% danger. They’re adrift in a horrible cavernous world with only ragtag gear to work with.

But on the up side, the PCs just leveled up. Big events at level 5:
Haggin can now summon creatures to do his bidding and then turn into a creature. Imagine calling 2 giant spiders and then calling two more. Nice
RyuKira gains access to fireball!!!! YAY!!! What a game changer… but since he doesn’t have a focus he’ll never be able to cast it, just like Juma’s unfortunate level 2 familiar that requires a gods forsaken brass brazier.

The day Demogorgon stopped in for tea
Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

In last week’s session things were going as bad as they always do,
We’re constantly beset by Drow from Velkenvale wanting to sell us into slavery. I totally don’t understand the amount of resources they’re putting into tracking us just to sell us into slavery, so maybe one of us, or our NPCs is a more valuable commodity

Regardless, at the suggestion of our Croatoan party member Shushar we’re working our way to his hometown Sloobidup where we hope to get party supplies and maybe ditch our pursuers.

Working our way through the cave systems, we come to a fork and see a glowing red image on the wall that basically translates to
“Warning, Demons ahead”
RyuKira made a joke that since the sign is in front of him, it’s clearly wrong, but brings up the point that we ecountered the sign at a “T” in the path and had no way of knowing if it meant demons were to the right or left.
RyuKira touched the sign and after passing a XXXXXXXXXXX check, was still physically ill from the brief contact.

Based on a hunch, the party went right which seemed beneficial as they eventually came to the Darklake. While resting for the night, Shushar confided to RyuKirathat his people are easily agitated and do not respond well to aggression as this group is prone to.
RyuKira says he’ll try to take a calming point position.

The next morning the part strikes out and are quickly encountered by a part of Croatoans who promptly bind Shushar]], he says it is merely symbolic that they mean no harm and are taking them to see the priestess of the Deep Father, which is odd because neither Shushar nor Juma know anything about such a deity. However, it is the party’s objective to make it into town peacefully so they also agree to become bound. As this begins another party of Croatoans arrive to take us to the priest of the Deep Mother and a melee begins. The Deep Mother party winning and taking us into town unbound.

In town, we learn that the cult of the Deep Father is relatively new and led by the daughter of the priest of the Deep Mother cult. The party and head priest Ploobploopleen devise a plan to have the party be fake sacrifices. This all pretty much goes to hell because the Deep Father cult quickly sets about trying to kill Calidan at which point Ploobploopleen stabs his daughter in the heart and Calidan tosses her corpse into the Darklake.

Apparently that was a terrible idea.
Flying manta begin attacking Croatoan on the shore line.
Other Croatoans start melting or bubbling
A couple of party members go slightly mad after a humongous creature rises from the water. It’s Demogorgon (get it?? leemoogoogoon??? ugh)
The party unravels, Shushar actually begins to melt.
There’s death everywhere.
Te literally couldn’t handle it and went home.

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