Out of the Abyss

S7: Neverlight Grove

Are you ready for a wedding?


The party traveled through the underdark—running into an aimless spectator, a chattering chasme, and a wild patch of strange fungi locked in battle between cold and hot—before hearing a deep, orcish scream. Investigating, Ront was being tortured by two drowish soldiers and Shoor Vandree. The party swiftly intervened, but as they fell each drow a disgusting, crawling brain broke free from their skull and assaulted the party. The ensuing battle cost Ront his life, but the party cleared the room. Touching an obsidian wand hanging in the room, Theo had a startling vision of a demonic presence teaching mind flayers to create undead creatures instead of living.


The party found treasure, a wand of wraith, a necklace of fireballs, a +2 shortsword and a piwafwi.

The party then continued to Neverlight Grove, where they quickly got embroiled in the ecstasies of “the lady’s gift” and “the wedding to the great body.” Basilida—sane leader of those Myconids who were skeptical of this gift and wedding-hired the party to investigate the circle’s other sovereign, Phylo.

Quickly, they discovered that Zuggtmoy, demon queen of fungi, was literally in Neverlight Grove. Phylo and the other infected Myconids had become her harbingers. They witnessed the grotesqueness of her Welcoming Garden and ultimately a disgusting wedding rehearsal conducted by animated fungus folded into humanoid shape.

The party found a +1 shortsword and +1 studded leather armour.

Fleeing the disturbing scene, the party convinced Basilidato relocate the population closer to Blingedenstone while warning others about the threat. He gave the party a few awards for investigating the strange going ons.


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