Archpriest to the Sea Mother


Kuo-toa priest

Archpriest of the Blibdoolpoolp the Sea Mother


Sloobludop’s Archpriest of the Sea-Mother, Ploopploopeen (“Ploop” to outsiders), has had a rough few years: a few years ago he had to deal with Shuushar the Awakened who preached a radical practice of stillness and slow, considerate deliberation; then his daughter, Bloppblipppodd (“Blopp”) began having strange and violent visions of Leemoogoogoon, the Deep Father. Ploop recruited the party to help him kill his daughter and restore order to Sloobludop.

His plan was a success, and his daughter and her followers were successfully surprised. However, a short time into the fight, the dreaded Leemoogoogoon—Demogorgon, as the dread lord is more commonly known—rose from the Darklake, destroying everything in his path. Demogorgon did not distinguish between friend or foe, and proceeded to destroy the settlement as the party fled down a passage into the Darklake.

It is unknown if he is alive or dead.


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